Beagles have been referred to as “merry little hounds.”  They're that and more. They're intelligent, alert, loving, independent little guys who will shower you with love and affection.  Their tails wag at two speeds, fast and faster, and the only time they don't wag is when the beagles are asleep, although sometimes beagles will even wag in their dreams!

My Beagles are NOT registered but are full blooded.  I sell my puppies for $275.00.   Below are pictures of some of my male and female adults.  These Beagles are small and only get about 12 to 13 inches high.  They make excellent pets as well as hunting dogs.  They are easy keepers and good with kids. I raise Beagles in 5 colors:  Tri-colored, Lemon Chocolate, Warfield Red & Blue tick.  Please be sure and click on the puppies I have available. Below you will find pictures of some of my adult Beagles.

This is Suzy.
Lady, Black Gal & Sue

Lady & Sebastion (resident Pug)

This is Charley.

Little Gal

This is Copper.

This is Ginger.

Ole' Blue

Black Gal

This is Co-Co

This is Belle.

This is Charlie.

This is Bonnie.