Welcome to our website! My Dad, Buck Sasnett raises both Beagles and Puggles. They are
minature being about 12/13 inches tall at adulthood. I handle all of the computer stuff for
him. Please contact me or my Dad for more info.
Thanks, Becky


What are Puggles?

Puggles are a relatively new hybrid dog produced by mating a female Beagle with a male Pug. This results in a very sweet-tempered, affectionate (but not yippy, hyper, or insecure) puppy that is very low-maintenance family-friendly (great with children and other dogs), loose-skinned, wrinkly-faced, endearing in both personality and looks. Well into their adult lives, Puggles exemplify the best of what dogs are all about. They are loyal, great companions and affectionate; making them a breed that is very eager to please its owner. It has been proven over time that Puggle owners feel their Puggles change their own family chemistry for the better giving everyone a "lift" by their happy, can-do natures. Puggles are durable, hardy dogs that can easily take a bit of rough-housing (boys love them for this.) Girls appreciate their affectionate, lap-loving qualities. Due to their longer snouts, they do not have breathing problems and their eyes do not bulge like a Pug. Puggles do not show the Beagle tendency to run/hunt... rather, their greatest delight seems to be in their owner's presence: this quality tends to keep them close to you (they love to be cuddled!). Puggles display no congenital defects or particular health concerns. Like all straight-haired dog breeds, puggles do shed; however, their relatively short coat minimizes this problem.

**Know what you are buying. Beagles come in 3 categories: 15" Standard Beagle, minature Beagle 12" to 13" and a Pocket Beagle 9" to 10". Standard Beagles bred with Pugs can produce 35 to 50 lb. Puggles. If you like this size that is great but many have no idea their Puggle will become so large. I have had several calls from people that were very disappointed at how huge their Puggle became. Ask breeders the heights and weights of the Beagle and Pug.
Or visit them in person to see for yourself. This should give you a good indication of what size the Puggle should be at adulthood. Also, large Puggle litters are good indications of the mom being a standard/large Beagle. We love and raise the smaller minature Puggles!

Since we are using minature female Beagles and a small Pug, our Puggles should be around 12/13 inches tall and weigh 14 -20 lbs. as adults. We average 3 to 4 puppies per litter and about 4 litters per year. They typically have a curly tail, are tan with a black muzzle earning them the nickname of "miniature mastiffs". Our Puggles are raised with love and affectionate with lots of room to run and play. They receive an extensive physical before leaving our home to yours to ensure you are getting a happy, healthy, adorable puppy. We are NOT a puppymill!

All of our puppies come with a 6 month guarantee and are up to date on all shots and wormings.

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Meet Sebastion our resident Pug male. Our Puggles are priced at $650.00 each.



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New Puggle litter born 02/06/13!