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Hi Becky,

We picked up ‘Luna’ on 7/2/09. She is doing wonderful and a total joy to our family. She is sweet, smart and loves to cuddle. She was very easy to housebreak. Once she understood; she didn’t have any more accidents and uses the doggy door. Luna already knows how to ‘sit’ ‘come’ and ‘wrong’. She loves being outside and will sometimes go outside just to take a nap. Luna gets along so well with our 4 cats and our beagle.

I’ve included some pictures. Thanks so much for the great puppy. We love her so much. She has been a great addition to our family.

Sincerely, The Asburys, Mike, Tracy, Kaitlyn, Dalena and Kyle

Hey Becky,

How are you and your folks doing?  Thank you guys so much. We love our little Cooper, he is the smartest little dog I have ever met at 10 weeks we had him sitting and laying down  and even rolling over on command.  He loves everyone and has gotten along with smaller kids and all dogs he gets to meet.

He is definitely an attention getter when we go to the park to play.  I have attached a few pictures of the little guy.

I hope you all are doing well and thanks again for everything.

Richie Ednacot

Here are a few shots of Tater, and with explanations for them. Hi Becky, please pass these pictures along to your mom and dad. The first one is kinda grainy.  We used her camera phone because we were in a hurry to get it before she moved.  This was taken the first day we had her.  On the "click-clack," which is the second futon up here in the frog, we have this big comforter covering it...which hangs down over the sides quite a bit.  She crawled under the corner of it, twisted herself up in the comforter, and stuck her head out so she could see us and what was going on.  By the time we got the camera she had fallen asleep there.  If I weren't such a tough guy, I'd say that was pretty cute. next is her "home away from crate."  When she falls asleep on one of us during the day we move her in here.  She can't quite get out of it on her own yet, but it's just a matter of time. Another picture of her asleep on the click-clack.  We put that DVD case there so you can get some idea of the scale.  Finally another shot in the laundry basket that we took with her phone.  It's too bad the picture quality isn't so great on her phone, because I think this is a really nice shot - almost looks like something from a stock photography catalog.   Sincerely, Ryan Ham

Hi Becky,
I hope everything is going well.  I wanted to send you a few pictures of Malcolm (finally).  He is truly a blessing to our family and a pure entertainer.  He is really smart and he catches on so fast!  He's is the most loving dog I've ever had and he is always by my side (he's a mamma's boy).  I am so glad we got him and I recommend your website to everyone looking for a dog.  Sincerely, Jerita Salley


Hi Becky!  It's Jay and Justin…we bought a WONDERFUL puggle from you back in March of 2006…little guy named Bode.  I just wanted to email you to catch up and let you know what's going own with us!  Bode's doing great and has the best personality in the world….he's very laid back and still just the most loving little thing.  He, like his Daddies, loves to sleep!    Just wanted to send you some pictures (the other puggle in the pictures is Mia, our little girl..she was a rescue) and let you know that we think about you often…about what a great first mom you were to out little guy!  When we buy our house, we're looking at getting a 3rd puggle…are you guys still in the puggle business?  I can't remember the web address for your puggle page…can you send it to me?  Let us know how you all are doing!

Love! Jay Penuel



Sophie and Sarge

Hi Becky, here is a picture of the boy and girl in their new home. I got the boy and my mom got his sister, we are so blessed. They are doing well. Thanks so much for all your help with our purchase. We love the little guys so much already, they are great dogs! And your parents were great to work with. Sincerely, Stacy



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