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I just wanted to send you a quick e-mail to tell you how happy we are with our puggle. We bought a puppy from you in July of last year. I was alittle nervous about getting a dog at 6 weeks old. But we havent had any problems. Puggles are great dogs for anyone. She is very easy to care for. Loving all the time (good lap dog). But yet loves to play, and go for walks. She also house trained really fast.  I'm also very happy about her size. She's about 13lbs full grown. I wanted a dog that could fly with me home. The cut off is 20lbs. She's perfect. She's friendly to everyone she meets. She does'nt shed much. She's also very good with little kids. To top it all off.... She's cute!!! So thank you for the great dog. She couldnt be more perfect. Everything we were told from you about size, looks, training, etc.was all right. We're very thankful for our dog. Jennie 


Hi Becky, We wanted to send you a couple pictures of the puggle we purchased from your dad last weekend. We named her Kaylee Jayne. She is so adorable. We decided to train her to a litter box and she took to it in less than two days. It was really amazing! She's so smart. I'm sure they all say that. : ) We are extremely happy with her. Thanks again for all your help and please tell your Dad thank you too.
Chris & Jessica

Becky, Just wanted to send you a few pictures of Porter, we got him from you this summer and he has truly been a joy to us.  He has the most amazing personality and has completely sold us on Puggles.  Attached are a few pictures of him.  He has been so wonderful and loves other dogs so much we are thinking about getting another Puggle and were curious if you had any litters coming sometime this summer anytime in the near future?  We are really interested in a female this time and would love to have another one of your puppies.  Let me know what the litter plans are! Thanks, Candace


Elise and "Mr Bo Jangles"
Mr. Bo Jangles and Fuzz

Hey Becky,
How are you?  I just want to let you know the puppy is great.  He is so cute and sweet.  We named him Mr. Bo Jangles.  Did you already start to train him?  Cause he is very good about going to the bathroom outside.  All of our friends love him and now they want a puggle.  If any of my friends decide they are serious about wanting  a puggle I will tell them to talk to you.  I took some pictures of him.  I'll send them to you when I download them onto my computer.  Thanks again.  We are so happy!!
Elise and Mark

Hi Becky,
How are you?  We are good.  I just wanted to send you some pictures of us and little bo.  He's so cute and so loving.  He has taken to us so fast. We just love him so much.  I bring him almost everywhere I go.  I brought him into work the other day and everyone just loved him.  They told me I should bring him in with me everyday.  I just want to say thank you again.  We couldn't be happier.  Thank you so much!  By the way the signed contract is on its way to you.  Let me know what you think of the pictures.  Hope everything is well.

Hey Becky,
How are you?  I'm good.  I just want to email you some new pictures of Bo.  He is the greatest dog in the world.  All he wants to do is be with us all the time.  He is such a little snuggler.  He is getting so big.  He weighs about 20lbs already!  He's not fat though.  He is pretty much potty trained.  It took awhile but he's getting it.  We also got a kitten a few months ago.  They are so cute together.  They play and snuggle together.  Its the cutest thing.  Of course they both sleep in our bed with us at night.   It was funny cause one night I woke up and saw Bo spooning the kitten.  It was the cutest thing I had ever seen.  As far as other training gos he is doing really well.  He knows how to sit and lay down.  We are working on roll over.  We could not have gotten a better dog.  Hes the best.  Well I hope you like the pictues.  Hope all is well! 




Hi Becky, Cosmo is wonderful!!  He is 6 lbs now and sooo  cute!  He's sleeping for about 6 hours at night and is slowly getting potty training down....  he definitely shows us he has to go....  he'll start sniffing and one of the kids usually takes him out.   He got a shot yesterday and the vet said he is looks great !! Here are a few pictures of our little guy.  His first bath which he hated : )  Kara

Hi Becky, Here are some recent photos of Cosmo!  We LOVE him....maybe we'll get a little girl next year : ) Take Care, Kara



Hi Becky, This letter is long overdue and we sincerely apologize! We can't thank you enough for our precious puggle, Costa. He is the best wedding gift I could've ever received! He is the most loving puppy and has the best temperament. Everywhere we take him people can't stop gushing over how darling he is....and we can't help but be so proud! He extremely smart, performing several tricks at only 12 weeks old! He loves all people, especially young children and other dogs. He has brought so much joy into our lives and we can't thank you enough! These pictures are of Costa at 8 weeks and the other is at 3 months. We hope all is well with you and your family!
Take care, Jason and Joanna


Becky, Koda is incredible.  She is so smart it kills me. She housetrained very easily, just being consistent and treats as rewards helped, and took to a leash like I have never seen.  And she can jump far too.  She jumps from furniture to furniture and doesn't miss a beat. She loves to be loved and held.  She loves people...at first she will bark and then friends in no time. She snores and is a heavy sleeper...I KNOW, a heavy sleepy I'm not kidding. lol  She is very healthy, and loves the camera if you can't tell. She is wonderful and no matter where i go she is the talk of the town.  Everyone falls all over her.  Well that is all for now, I hope all is well!

Becky here are more pics of my baby.  She is a mess I tell you.  You can use them on your website if you want.  I see you have two other owners on there and the new litter is adorable.  Koda is about 14# right now. I think she sleep more than I do!  But here are some pictures i promised.  She was 5 months this past Thursday...can you believe it 5 MONTHS!  doesn't even seem like that long ago.  How are your cavaliers and your dad?  well i gotta run.. Koda needs to go out lol.  Thanks Becky! Kira


Hey Becky! We hope you're doing great!  Little Bode is AWESOME...even though he's not so little anymore!  On his last Grand Vet (remember, she's my Stepmom, so she's his grandma....ergo, Grand Vet) visit, he weighed in at just shy of 18 lbs....he's doing great.  One thing we've definitely decided, though, is that we want to get a little sister for Bode sometime over the next few months!  How's the Puggle business going, anyway?  Might you have some litters ready...say...Halloweenish? Let us know how things are with you!  Once I can get my camera to stop acting up, I'll send you some updated pictures of our little Camera Hound....he DOES love to have his picture taken! Talk to you soon! Love, Jay, Justin and Bode




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