Hi, My name is Becky Sasnett Holleman and my Dad, Buck Sasnett, is the owner of Sasnett Kennels.  He has been raising Beagles for as long as I can remember.  He loves his dogs dearly and "spoils" them rotten.  Anyone who is acquainted with my Dad knows that he is a man of his word and that he loves Jesus Christ his Lord and Savior.  I am so proud and honored to call him my Dad.  He is 88 years old and still caring for his dogs! He has 5 children (I am the baby), 12 grandchildren, and 21 great grandchildren. His health has been declining in the past year so please keep him in your prayers. I know he is heaven bound but I would love to have more time with him! I handle the computer end of his business and the extra money he makes helps to supplement his Social Security. The following are a few comments I have been emailed from former customers.   Please send us your updated pictures and comments so we can post them!


Dad and great grandson, Garrett.
(my grandson) :o)
Dad and his Beagles... a mutual love!























Becky -

We got a beagle puppy from your Dad over 5 years ago.  She is still our furry little baby and my 4 kids love her dearly.  I am sorry to hear your Dad isn't well.  He is in our thoughts and prayers.

Here is a picture of Belle. Thank you and God Bless! Ginger Nutwell

Hi, I am so sorry to hear about Mr. Sasnett's health.  I hope this note finds him well.  I have never had the pleasure of meeting him but I have a puppy that has come from his kennels that is absolutely beautiful.  Mr. Sasnett is indeed a quality breeder.  Please send him our best and share this note with him.
My name is Pam.  I live in Richardsville, Virginia.  I just received a tri color beagle puppy from the 9/23/11 litter.  She was originally purchased by another family who unfortunately due to personal reasons could no longer keep the puppy.  Their unfortunate circumstances has turned out to be our little blessing.
Gracie is a gift for my son - for his 10th birthday.  He has helped me raise a blue tick last year and has showed me he is responsible enough to raise a puppy on his own (of course I am here helping and guiding him with her).   But I want to share some information about my son so you can understand what a blessing Gracie is.  Austin loves to play football.  He's a good size, but solid young man.  He plays first string, left tackle.  And he LOVES his position.  On August 16th my son sustained a concussion during a game as a result of a head on head collision with another player.  Austin was in full gear at the time.  Because I didn't immediately pick up on the signs and symptoms, he sustained a second hard blow during a game on August 20th which resulted with him landing on his back, hitting the back of his helmet/head on the ground.  The second hit was the icing on the cake so to speak and within 24 hours there was no doubt about his injury.
I never picked up on the signs and symptoms of the first concussion.  Austin had a headache on August 16th which Tylenol took care of.  But to know my son is to know that when he is sick or injured, he looks and acts the same as if he was not.  He never runs a fever, is always active and full of life.  Nothing has ever gotten him down until now.
Unfortunately for my son, the concussion has been a roller coaster of headaches, numbness in his hands and feet, vision and hearing problems, depression, agitation, and memory problems.  Four months post-concussion and my son is finally showing improvement minus headaches and now migraines.  This has been very hard on him as playing sports in the future is highly discouraged.  His chance of sustaining future concussions is four times more likely than those who have never had one.  Austin is still struggling with having to be more aware of doing things that could cause him to hit his head and having to deal with not being able to play football/contact sports again.
Gracie's situation is a blessing in so many ways.  Not only is a young boy getting the gift of a lifetime, but he is also given a chance to focus on something more important, the love and care of a dog.  Gracie is good therapy for him.  Animals have a way of helping us heal and I'm already seeing this in the bond between Austin and Gracie.  I have attached a few pictures of Austin and Gracie.  She is a beauty!  We all love her so much and are so thankful she has come into our lives.Thank you so much !!


Hi Becky,
My son peyton and I bought our sweet daisy this weekend from your parents. We already love her dearly as she has made our family complete. I say complete even though we are debating on a second puppy!
- Ashley


Becky - Hank is approaching 6 months old (photo attached).  We got him back in Oct 2011.  As previous Beagle owners, we knew what we were getting into with the mischief and energy.  He has charmed us all and we love him.  Hope all is well with you and your family.

PS We are lucky enough to live where we can cut him loose and let him run off the leash (hunt) for an hour or two very often.  He loves his backyard too, it's about a half acre fenced in with lots to explore.  Ken and Marsha


We picked up "Chloe" last saturday and we LOVE HER!  We renamed her Ana.  Its a traditional German name.  It kind of goes with our cat's name, Katja (another German name).  She is the best dog I have ever had and a true sweetheart.  We adore having her here and I think she likes being a part of our family. Training has been a 50/50 venture.  Most of the time she lets us know she wants to go outside, but now and then she "falls off the wagon" and does a little business on the carpet.  Luckily, she only really has two spots, so we know where to check when she has that guilty look on her face :o)
As I promised your mom, we have taken a tone of pictures and I have attached several to this email.  Obviously she is not much different in a weeks time, but I swear she is a bit bigger. We'll send more pictures and she grows up.  I have made it a habit to snap a couple of pictures each day and make sure to get a picture every Saturday.  This week makes her 11 weeks old.


Jason Rausc

Lorna Sasnett , Ms. Rausch and Ana ..........................................................................Ana

Hi Becky! I have a beautiful little pup that we got from your dad (born June 2010). We absolutley adore her! We have since relocated to Montana (with the military), but return to NC infrequently. We are thinking or adding a second warfield red to our brood since we are we are so happy with our Nellie. The next time I will be in NC is Easter time after that it will be the summer. Please let me know if you think you will have any litters available during those timeframes. Thank you so much! Margaret Bilodeau


Dear Sasnett Family,
First off I just would like to send my regards to Buck.  Hope everything is ok and all is well.  We purchased a beagle pup back in November from a litter born on 8/8/2008.  We are looking to purchase another beagle puppy but I figured I would send you a check up on our main man Luke.  He is one of the sweetest pups I know.  He was very easy to train and listens very well in the field.  Even though mommy pampers him a bunch I just wanted to say thanks for a great companion and family member.  Thanks.  Get well soon Buck.

Steven K. Long

Steven and Luke when he picked him up from our home..........................Luke being spoiled.

Me and my husband are both Sailors stationed in Norfolk and got a beagle from your dad back in jan 08.  He is a wonderful man and I hope that everything will be okay.  He reminded us both alot of our grandfathers and we check the site frequently to see what new litters have been born. 
I enclosed a pic of Bocepus for your dad. First one was the day we brought him home. Second is him today.
Charlotte Horton


Hi Becky,

Sorry it's been a while, it was kind of hectic after the wedding at the end of May with my parents in town and everything. But how are you? and how is your Dad doing - any better?

I've attached some pictures of Scout for you - he loves the camera!! The first two are from about 2 weeks after we brought him home.  He loved running in the yard at Matt's parents house.  The other two are from just this week - Scout in the sink waiting for a bath after being in the rainstorm and having played with a friend's dog in the mud; and Scout sleeping in his favorite spot, the back of the couch. Oh, and I attached a final one of the three of us - of course it's the one time he didn't want to pose :)

Hope all is well.



Hi Becky,
I hope you and your family are doing good..........I have attached some pictures of Daisy Mae.  She will be 12-weeks old tomorrow and she is a pistol!  She is the sweetest thing in the world and is completely spoiled rotten!  As you can see from the picture with Matthew, she really enjoys her sleep!
I hope your Mom and Dad are doing well, please tell them we said hello, and thank them again for the sweet puppy!
Take care,

Sandra Roberts

Hey Becky,
        I am sending an updated picture of Rowen! He's still the cutest pupp ever and his personality is fantastic( reminds me of my daughter...lol) and they get along great! He has learned tricks and is awsome with people. We are happy to have gained a family member. Thank you again.

Hilary Pettey

Hi Becky,

I wanted to let your mom & dad know how well our new puppy, Marley is doing. He was born 3/1/08 and is 4 months old now. He is so sweet but does have a wild side to him. He has adjusted well to his new home and has made friends with all the dogs on our street. Everyone who sees him falls in love with him. I have attached a few pictures of him.

Please send our regards to your folks – they are such nice people.

 Thanks- Barbara Stern


Greetings Becky and Mr. Buck-
We just wanted to write a quick email to update you on the pup we bought from y'all.  We brought Rascal home on April 5, 2008.  He has been a great addition to our family.  Our kids (ages 7 and 10) love playing with him in the yard.  This experience has been teaching them a great deal of responsibility.  Rascal has a very playful personality and has really lived up to his name.  Thank you for raising great pups! We have attached pictures of Rascal.  Feel free to use them on your website. Randy and Thresa Newsome

A little over a week ago, we adopted a dog from your dad. We have named her Carly. She is doing well and the kids love her!  Just wanted to let you know that he has friends in Fairfax, VA who love his dogs!  Attached is a picture
of Carly with our son, Thomas.  She is a great addition to our family. Best, Jennifer


Hey Becky-

I just wanted to touch base with you, and let you know that we are doing fine with Snickers.  I'm sending you 2 pics:  Snickers with my daughter Janna, and with our big dog, Boone.  They have become buddies!!  Everyone who has met Snickers comments on how pretty her coloring is.  She really is cute!  And we are having alot of fun with her.

Hope you and all your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


Becky, I came down last year and got one of your father's beagle puppies.  Everyone loves Snoopy.  I have a friend that wants one.  Could you please give me your father' website so I can check them out of if he has any at this time could you let me know?  Your assistance is very much appreciated.  Thanks, Joyce

Hi,  I just talked to a friend of mine who bought one of your beagles and I LOVE HIM!!!  I don't know if you remember the Sigworth family, but they have Cody and he is simply adorable!! Would you happen to have any more puppies from that litter?  She said she picked him up on Oct. 27th.  I would love to come out there and see what you have.. If you could please email me or call me with information and directions, I would appreciate it... Thanks soooo much!  Tammy

Becky,  I hope you are doing well.  I really like my new home.  Things seem to be going well.  Mom and Dad tell me that I am a cutie.  When I potty outside mom gives me a treat and tells me how wonderful I am. But when she comes home and my crate is dirty, she is not happy.  I  just don't understand what I'm suppose to be doing.  I don't like to  take "breaks" out in the cold.  Mom is patient but I think she is getting frustrated, but she still tells me she loves me.  I went to the vet yesterday and did great.  I had gained two pounds.  The vet said I probably wouldn't gain more than 5 more pounds.  I'm going to be petite.  I finally got my nails done too.  I am excited about going to North Carolina for Thanksgiving.  I travel well.  My mom told me she had a friend that might be calling you.  She wants two of my cousins.  It would be fun to have cousins close by.  I miss my brothers and sisters.  I hope you have a great Thanksgiving. Please tell my other family hello and that I am doing well.

                                                         Love, Cody Broyles

Just wanted to give you an update on our girl! I picked her up from your Dad's yesterday and she has been doing great! She is such a sweetie pie and she is so cute. I love her already! Thanks so much for all the pictures you sent and for just being nice all around! I'll send some pictures to you along the way!

Here's some recent pictures of Phoebe for you to see how much she's grown and changed! Her coloring continues to change, it amazes me.

Just a note to say "Thank you" and tell Buck that Chloe has settled right into her new home.  She feels comfortable enough to tear the papers to shreds, bring blood to our hands and feet with her razor sharp teeth and play a tough game of tug of war. She is a doll!  She has only disturbed our nights with whimpering once a night, usually around 3:00 a.m.  When you pet her head she may cry for another five minutes and she is back to sleep.  She is well on her way to being totally and completely rotten.

Pat Damewood
Hi Becky! My name is Betsy Cagle. My husband Chuck and I visited your parents after seeing the web site. I'm glad to say we have a new addition to our family! He is the sweetest puppy I have ever seen. I have two children, they fell in love instantly! We named him Blue, after my youngest son's favorite TV. show, Blue's Clues! I couldn't be any happier! Your parents are wonderful people! I will keep you up to date on Blue. Thank you and God Bless.

Hi Becky,

This is Nicole again from Wilmington.  I just wanted send you some more pics of my Beagle! The first pic is one that you have on your website when she was 2 wks.  She is the cutie on the right. The other pic is of her about 2 wks ago.  She will be 4 mos on March 10th!! She looks so funny in this picture because she reminds me of a John Wayne movie or something with that little stick hanging out of her mouth. She is a crazy one!  I saw a Puppy Chow commercial with a Beagle puppy on it. Even though the puppy was cute, it still wasn't as cute as my Belle!!  I'm gonna try and get her on a commercial or something.  I'll end up being one of those show biz moms! Belle is slowly put surely learning new things. She learned to sit and lay when she was about 2 mos!  Now, she can shake, and can stay when told, (for a small amount of time, we are still working on that).  When she feels like it, she'll roll over.

Hope you enjoy the pictures! I hope you use them on the website!






Here are pictures of the puppies.  The tri-colored is Raven and the chocolate is KoKo.  The are so..... much fun:-)  Please show these to your father.  Tell him they are doing wonderful. I have better pictures that I will send, I just have to get them developed.

Thanks Again,

Katrina Re'
Baltimore, MD

Hi Becky,  Well, we all got home in one piece.  The kids are so happy with their new babies.  Vicky has a very fat tummy but the vet said that she is just a little piggie and I need to feed her by herself so she won't eat Jake's food.  The puppies love to play together and they are now sleeping through the night without a peep. Other wise then that, they are just fine and getting use to our life in California - busy. It was such a pleasure meeting you, your Dad and your Mom.  If for some reason we ever get out that way again, I will make it a point to look you all up. I could not thank you enough for all your help on getting everything together to make getting the pups so easy.  I have attached the picture of your and your Dad and also one of them in there new area in our house. I will get some more pictures soon, I am just not quite back in California time yet and my Wife has me doing all the chores I missed out on while I was in NC having fun. You all take care and I will talk again soon.  Thanks again. Mike Rosgen

Hey Becky,
         This is Matt Wall, and my girlfriend and I picked up our puppy Copper on May 23rd, 2003.  There aren't enough words to describe how much joy he has brought to our lives.  Copper is a very smart puppy; he already knows his name, how to come when called, how to sit, how to calm down when told, when to sleep, and for the most part is potty trained.  He is a live wire, chewing on everything and running around the house.  He is the cutest puppy I have ever saw, and we couldn't imagine our lives without him.  Thank you and your parents so much for helping us to bring Copper in to our lives.
                      Thank You so Much!!!!
                                -Matt Wall
P.S.  I've attached a pretty cute picture of Copper with this email.




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